Worried About Armodafinil and Customs?

Have you been considering ordering Armodafinil online, but you’re worried about Customs? This is an especially big concerns for people ordering from countries like the United States (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU), Canada (CA) and Australia (AU). So – here is what you need to know about medication that will be being posted […]

Does Armodafinil cause Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?

If you’re reading this blog post then might have heard about Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, commonly referred to as SJS. SJS is an extremely rare but serious disease that affects approximately 7.1 people per 1,000,000. It normally occurs in reaction to certain medications or infections and requires immediate hospitalisation for treatment. It normally starts with strong flu-like symptoms in […]

Should I Choose Armodafinil or Modafinil for Cerebral Palsy?

While the Armodafinil family of drugs are commonly thought of as wakefulness agents, their usefulness is not just limited to those with sleep disorders. Throughout this site we have discussed the numerous cognitive benefits of taking Armodafinil, particularly for those who hope to improve their work or study performance. However, recent scientific studies have shown […]