How to spot fake Modafinil

Medication can be faked by some manufacturers, and sometimes it is rather hard to tell fakes from the real thing.

So, how to spot fake Modafinil. There are many ways to see if your Modafinil purchase is real or fake.

Sometimes it’s just a bad batch. Other times it the manufacturer wants to make easy money. Faking and tricks can vary from diluting the pill, making the dosage smaller or adding cheaper useless ingredients such as starch instead of the real active ingredients.

In the case of Modafinil, making the medication it is already rather cheap, but sticking in starch instead would still give more profit for the scammer. The customers will surely not come back, but for immediate gain this scam works and seems like a solution for whomever decided to fake the medication.

Thankfully, however, it is rather easy to spot if you have a fake.

The most common and obvious way to spot a fake is to observe the effects it has on you. If you see that it has no effect whatsoever, that’s probably what it is – a fake. There is no reason to panic – fakes are usually harmless pills and are supposed to give you a placebo effect, and that’s what the manufacturers rely on. Another way to spot a fake is if you might be getting a small effect from Modafinil, but it doesn’t quite work the way it should.

You can also spot if the medicine is fake is by observing how it alters the smell of your urine, if it fails to have an effect on you. When you take actual Modafinil, you will notice a certain unpleasant smell. If you don’t smell sulfur or a different strong odor, in addition to having no effects, then it’s more than likely that the pill you are drinking is fake Modafinil.

Unfortunately we can stumble upon fakes ranging from products bought in stores and pharmacies to direct from the factory, so it’s always very important to check. Sometimes it happens online when you make a Modafinil purchase from an unreliable website, since the medication may reach extremely high prices where you live. That’s why it is essential to buy from a reliable source which won’t be looking for illicit profit but has in mind to actually help you rather than screw you over. That’s why we offer reliable Modafinil and for a cheap price, as we have all been there.

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