Importing Armodafinil into the US

Armodafinil is becoming more popular and known worldwide as a great medication, whether it’s for different sleeping disorders or people who want to be more alert of have a sense of stronger wakefulness for a period, and enjoy its cognitive enhancing properties.

Caffeine is highly popular but it has too many side effects and is not as effective on the long run especially against sleeping disorders, that’s why medication is recommended and needed in some cases as doctors prescribe them. This explains clearly why Armodafinil has been so popular. Not only it wakes the person up, it makes sure to improve concentration and focus of the user greatly, and it has also been noticed that it has beneficial effects on creativity which is why it is so popular by university or college students or workers who have a very important day ahead. All you need to do is try it beforehand to know how soon it starts working for you and you’re ready to go, whether it will be your sidekick for a day or every day.

Since medicine around the world has become so expensive and prices can bite even with insurance, it is very important to find an alternative way of buying the product instead of paying the stores and the middle-men and the pharmacy as all of them buy from each other resulting in overpricing the product. Particularly if you need to take it daily, pricing becomes an issue. In our day and age it is popular and well known that you can find great deals online and we are one of them. We can guarantee that you will get your package of medication even if it gets seized by customs – we resend orders free of charge to most countries.

When it comes to importing Armodafinil into the US; US customers will find it it a bit trickier to order, but it is no big deal. Just make sure that you order in plenty time if you’re running out of your medication as the customs might seize it occasionally, about 2% of packages. If it so happens we will be sending you another package (free of charge) right away as we guarantee delivery. In order to make the process easier we suggest to get a prescription from your doctor if you can, as if Customs seize the package they will request this to release it, otherwise they will destroy the item and send you a warning letter. Some people say that it helps to order in small packages, but the law actually states you can import a personal use quantity up to 3 months worth, with some people taking up to 5 a day we have found  400 is no real problem to import once. You can order from the US and you will receive your medication from us, always.

Please email us with any other questions or contact your customs agent directly for the most up to date information.

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